Plastic Anti-Fog Bag

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【product information】 【Product name】:Plastic anti-fog bag 【Product Specifications】: Customized 【Material/Thickness】: OPP anti-fog/20 【Color】: Transparent 【Technology】: Side flat knife, breathable holes: can be customized 【Packaging Standard】: Export standard 5-layer carton 【About customization】: Size and thickness can be customized. Printing logos and patterns 【Product Usage】: Special vegetable bags, fruit bagsThis plastic anti-fog bag, filled with vegetables and fruits, can lock in moisture well and ensure the freshness of vegetables and fruits. It can more effectively prevent dehydration and wilting of fruits and vegetables and extend their storage period. Quantity: 100 pieces packed Thickness: 0.02mm (single side) thickness Material: OPP anti-fog (polypropylene) Plastic anti-fog bags have a very good anti-fog effect and are an ideal choice for packaging fruits and vegetables that are susceptible to moisture and contamination. It can keep vegetables and fruits dry and clean in the bag, and is the best choice for vegetables and fruits. Plastic anti-fog bags and ordinary bags are two different packaging materials. Although they are both made of plastic, their materials and uses are different. Plastic anti-fog bags are usually made of specific plastic materials that can prevent the intrusion of moisture, gas, dust and bacteria. It usually comes in a translucent or transparent color to allow easy viewing of the contents of the bag. The materials of ordinary bags are relatively simple and only need to be made of ordinary plastic materials.

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