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Cloud Penetration Testing is an artificial cyber-attack triggered on a system, which is hosted on a Cloud provider. The key purpose of this authorized test is to detect the strengths and weaknesses of a system. Doing so can accurately assess an organization’s security posture. 

These are several advantages of a cloud penetration test such as a better understanding of the cyberattack surface, which a system is exposed to an increased technical assurance.

A reputed cloud penetration testing company such as Komodo Consulting can offer you an improved understanding of the organization’s cloud estate. You will also get a detailed report on security configurations along with their recommendations on how to secure the cloud configuration.

Why Choose Komodo For Your Web Application Security Testing?


• We identify your Security Weaknesses & Vulnerabilities

• We recommend compliances with Security Standards and Policies

• Incident Response Best Practices Adopted by Global Professionals

• We assess the entire Cloud Network Architecture (Storage gateways, databases, serverless applications & more)

• VPC Definitions

• Subnet ACLs

• Load Balancing & more

• Identity Access Management (Authentication, Passwords, Permissions, Third Parties, Privilege Accounts)

• Application Security (Design and code review)

• Review of Audit Trails, Cloud Capabilities (Access logs, network inspection, cloud service logs, personnel interviews)

• Improve Detection Time with Directed Incident Responses



USA: +1 917 5085546

UK: +44 20 37694351

ISR: +972 9 955 5565




Teléfono: +1 917 5085546

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