Pharmaceutical Production Freeze Dryer

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In modern society, many substances need to be frozen while keeping their original material properties. The application of freeze dryer has become more and more extensive. In the medical field, production field and experimental field, freeze dryers have received more attention. KZG-2 is one model of production freeze dryer with 2.16 ㎡ freeze drying area.It could be used in medicine, pharmacy, biology research, chemical industry and food production ,etc. After the freeze drying process,a long term preservation is much easier. They can be restored to the original state and maintain their chemical and biological characteristics after being watered. Detailed Images KZG-2 production freeze dryer parameter Model KZG-2 Cold trap temperature ≤-75℃ Freeze drying area 2.16㎡ Ice collecting capacity ≥40KG/24h Shelf dimensions 600*900mm Ultimate vacuum ≤5pa Shelf numbers 4+1pcs Power 18kw Tray numbers 16pcs Weight 3000kg Shelf spacing 80mm Dimensions 3600x1750x2850mm Shelf temp. range -50℃~+80℃ Cooling mode water cooled Sshelf accuracy ±1℃ Bulk capacity 20L(thickness 10mm) Freeze drying process temperature control 1. It is our company's patented product . Freezing and drying is completed in the same place. It is easy to operate,and have a good drying effect. 2.Patented gas diversion technology, uniform ice catching in cold traps, and strong ice catching capability. 3. Internationally renowned brand compressors, high efficiency, long life, low noise. 4.Separator patented technology and partition temperature fuzzy control technology, the shelf temperature difference is small, the temperature control accuracy is high, and the drying effect is even. Freeze drying process digital dispalay 1.The freeze-drying curve optimization control technology can control the cooling rate in the pre-freeze phase, and at the same time, it can control the sample heating rate and the current stage vacuum degree in the sublimation and analytical drying stages. 2.The powerful sensor calibration function ensures the long term accuracy of the measured value. 3.7-inch true color industrial embedded touch screen + SH-HPSC-II modular controller, high control accuracy, stable and reliable performance. Freeze dryer control mode 1. Flexible manual + automatic control, manually used for groping the process, automatically used for mass production. 2. Real-time alarm display and historical alarm query function to facilitate fault diagnosis and equipment maintenance. 3 Vacuum adjustment during drying operation to avoid foaming and blowing of special materials and improve drying efficiency. Freeze drying material The freeze drying material could be food, vegetables, medicine and so on. A Application *This equipment is suitable for drying most materials, such as Chinese medicine soaking, Chinese medicine, raw material powder and heat sensitive materials. It is especially suitable for soaking and drying traditional Chinese medicine. *Can be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics and other industries. If the pharmaceutical production freeze dryer caters to your requirement, welcome to buy the precise equipment made in China from our factory. We are one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China who can offer you unmatched services and prices. And the customized service is also available. Don't hesitate any more.

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