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Date: 2021-10-18 12:19:08 -0400

Edible sugar papers are FDA compliant, Kosher and safe for everyone. You can easily print them, cut them with scissors, and even can paint them with edible paints or edible markers. Icinginks sugar sheets are of premium quality allowing limitless versatility and creativity. 


Our edible sugar papers are designed in a way that is the most efficient in use. The backing will come off easily without any extra efforts or special treatments. Store them as recommended and you can use them for up to 2 years. 


Why You Must Use Icinginks Edible Frosting Sheets?


  1. The frosting sheets are spotless eggshell white in color, making them the best for any edible printed image. 

  2. The sheets are made of premium quality and will dissolve on the frosting, leaving a gorgeous edible image behind. 

  3. The Icinginks sugar sheets, frosting papers, or icing sheets are free from all allergens, and nuts.

  4. Shipped in a food-safe storage bag.

  5. Have a shelf life of 1-2 years if packed in a tight zip-lock bag. 


The sugar sheets are perfect for all kinds of frostings, including fondant. 


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