Frequency Conversion Series Resonance Test Device

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Frequency conversion series resonance test device is designed and manufactured for alternating-current withstand voltage test of Possessing a wider application scope, it is the ideal withstand voltage equipment for prefecture-level, municipal-level and county-level high-voltage test departements as well as power installation and repair & testing engineering units.

Frequency Conversion Series Resonance Test Device

(I) Technical index

1. Rated voltage:

2. Quality factor under full load in test of fire power generator: Q>10 (relating to load)

3. Quality factor under full load in cable test: Q>30 (relating to load)

4. Quality factor under full load in test of main transformer: Q>30 (relating to load)

5. GIS, the quality factor under full load in switch test and other tests: Q>50 (relating to load)

6. Input power supply: single phase of 380V

7. Frequency adjustment range: 20Hz~300Hz

8. Accuracy of system measurement: 1.5%

9. The unit possesses protective functions, such as over voltage, over current and zero start.


(II) Description for main configuration and technical data of equipment:

1. One set of variable-frequency power supply:

Rated power: 10kVA;

Input voltage: single phrase of 220V or three phase of 380V±10% and 45~65Hz

Output voltage: 0~400V adjustable

Output voltage frequency: 30~300Hz

0.1Hz adjustable stepping

Instability degree of frequency ≤0.02%

Output current: 0~25A

2. High-voltage resonane reactor (4sets in all): 27kV/1A

Rated working voltage: 27kV

Rated working current: 1A

Rated inductance value: 120H

Continuous working time: 60min

Temperature rise should be less than 60℃.

Working frequency: 30~300Hz

3. One set of exciting transformer:

Rated capacity: 10kVA

Input voltage: 400V

Output voltage: 1.2kV/3kV/5kV

4. One set of capacitive divider: 120kV, pure capacitance

Its own capacitance: 1000pF

Working frequency: 30~300Hz

Uncertainty: 1.5%

Rated voltage: 120kV/1000pF


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