VLF High Voltage Generator 30KV

Date: 2021-08-26 21:34:43 -0400



Products Introduction:

Very Low Frequency high voltage generator 30KV combines advanced technologies such as modern digital conversion, full computer control, automatic voltage increase, voltage reduction, measurement and protection. In the automatic upgrade process, human intervention can be taken care of. The main advantages include full electronics, small size, light weight, large-screen LCD display (clear and intuitive), printer output test report, and easy use.


Technical Parameter:

1、output frequency :0.1Hz、0.05Hz、0.02Hz、0.01Hz。

2、loading capability : Table 1 for reference

0.1 Hz maximum 1.1µF

0.05 Hz maximum 2.2µF

0.02 Hz maximum 5.5µF

0.01 Hz maximum 11.0µF

3、accuracy :± (3% of full scale +0.5 KV)

4、voltage waveform distortion :≤5%

5、condition of use : indoor, outdoor; temperature : -10℃∽+40℃;humidity :≤85%RH

6、power supply :AC50 Hz,220V ±5%

7、power fuse : output rated voltage :Table for reference

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